SLCC Videos

SLCC and Law Society of Scotland joint video on the complaints process:

Making a complaint about a solicitor from SLCC on Vimeo.

The video provides an introduction to the legal complaints process and covers the stages that can be involved.  More information is available in the making a complaint section of our website.

SLCC Mediation Video:


Scottish Legal Complaints Commission - Mediation video from SLCC on Vimeo.

This video presents a role play of the mediation process offered by the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission (SLCC).

Mediation is a confidential process which gives the parties the opportunity to resolve the complaint with the help of an impartial, independent mediator. As well as being voluntary that both parties to the complaint must agree to, it allows the parties to retain control of the outcome which is mutually agreeable. The mediator helps the parties talk through the problem to see if they can agree a fair and reasonable solution.

If you would like to learn more about mediation, please visit the following link.

The SLCC is a free, independent and impartial service for complaints about the legal profession in Scotland. We are focussed on early resolution and improving standards.