2012 - Guarantee Fund

SLCC Review of Guarantee Fund 

In 2011 the SLCC published the results of research into Guarantee Fund claims. This research, which had been undertaken by the University of Manchester, suggested that there may be factors other than the merits of individual claims which affected the amounts which had been paid out.  The research did not suggest what these other "factors" might be.

The SLCC recognised that further work required to be undertaken and, as part of that additional work, in July 2012 the SLCC concluded its own review of Guarantee Fund claims. This audit specifically looked at whether a lack of, or non-adherence to,  policies and processes could be one of the potential "factors" which impacted on claim levels being paid out.

Our review of a sample of Guarantee Fund claims has concluded that there was no evidence of non-adherence to policies and processes and that this, therefore, was not one of the "factors" suggested by the Manchester University research.

PDF A copy of the SLCC's report can be found here (pdf, 178KB).