Reimagine Regulation

The current arrangements for legal complaints, and how complaint outcomes are used to improve standards in the legal sector, are too complex, involve too many stages, and pass through too many organisations.  Faster, more efficient, and better targeted regulation can be delivered, to the benefit of consumers and the sector, by significant legislative reform.

Our paper Reimagine Regulation - SLCC priorities for a consultation on legal services regulation sets out six key priority areas we believe the government should consult on when they deliver on their commitment to launch a 'consultation to review legal regulation'.  The changes would benefit both consumers and lawyers, by:

1.       Unravelling the current complex complaints maze

2.       Reducing statutory detail that focuses on processes, not outcomes for people

3.       Ensuring that when redress is awarded the client receives it

4.       Targeting risk, and not seeing all legal services as the same

5.       Embedding the consumer principles

6.       Learning from complaints and data to improve future outcomes


PDF Reimagine Regulation - SLCC priorities for a consultation on legal services regulation (PDF, 960 KB)

PDF Reimagine Regulation - SLCC appendices to our main paper (PDF, 1028 KB)

With this paper we aim to ensure that if there is a government consultation or review around the regulation of legal services then the key issues we set out are opened up for debate by consumers, the public and lawyers.  Final decisions on these issues are for the government and for parliament.

We recognise that the organisations in the sector, and individuals at all levels, work hard to make the current arrangements work, and that Scotland has a well-respected legal profession. There are many strengths to build on, but these should not distract from tackling areas which can be improved.

Get involved

If you are interested in this area and wish to assist the debate then you can:

  • publish an article discussing our ideas
  • invite us to come to speak to you, or ask to visit us, or for us to send further information
  • Contact your MSP or your professional body
  • blog or tweet - copy us in@slcccomplaints and use the hashtag #ReimagineRegulation
  • share views with us by email to