This short animation explains how we handle your data, your rights under the new General Data Protection Regulation and how we keep your data secure.

You can watch this video with a voiceover (first option below) or the visual only version.  

 Your data and the SLCC

The nature of our business is one which requires a culture of confidentiality. 

The 2007 Act requires us to keep information about complaints (including personal information) confidential, unless the law requires us to share that data with certain people and organisations to carry out our role.

About GDPR

Like everyone else, we also have to comply with the data protection laws.

You will, by now, have heard about the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"), which came into effect on May 25, 2018.  But what does it mean for you in terms of how we will use your personal information?  Well, it means that we will now apply stricter rules to how we use your personal information; how we store it, who has access to it and how long we have it for.

We have already implemented changes in light of GDPR.  For example:

  • our staff have been trained to understand the responsibility we have to protect your personal information
  • we have updated our Privacy Notices
  • we have updated our policies and procedures
  • we have prepared general guidance (including the animated video above) on how we will handle your personal information. 

In the link below, you can find more detailed information about how we use your personal information. 

Privacy notices

Our Privacy Notice tells you what we will do with your personal information while we have it in our possession and how we will make sure that it is kept safe.

Privacy notice for service users and contractors - this takes the form of FAQs

Privacy notice for under 16s - also in the form of FAQs

Data breaches

Our data breach policy explains what happens in the event of there being a data breach.  You can also find information about this in our 'Your data and the SLCC' video.  

PDF Our data breach policy and procedure (PDF, 565KB)