SLCC statement on new cabinet and ministerial appointments


Neil Stevenson, SLCC Chief Executive, welcomed the appointments of a new Cabinet Secretary for Justice and a new Minister for Community Safety.

“In previous appointments Humza Yousaf has demonstrated strategic leadership and brought new thinking to complex issues. His community work is well-recognised, and so we are confident that as Cabinet Secretary he will be focused on a justice system that works for all in Scotland.”

“The SLCC has worked most closely with another member of the ministerial team, the Minister for Community Safety and Legal Affairs.  We’d like to thank Annabelle Ewing for her service to Scotland, and the reforming legacy she leaves behind.  The major reviews of Legal Aid and the Regulation of Legal Services she commissioned are likely to lead to radical reform in the next few years.”

“We also welcome the new Minster for Community Safety, Ash Denham.  We look forward to working closely with her on the outcome of the review of legal regulation to deliver a proportionate and agile regulation system that works better for consumers and the sector.”

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