SLCC launches new guide for solicitors on family law


The Scottish Legal Complaints Commission (SLCC) has launched a new guide to help solicitors avoid the most common complaints in relation to family law.

The guide – based on the SLCC’s experience of real cases – includes anonymised case examples and best practice advice.

This is the latest in a series of best practice guides for solicitors.  The SLCC also produces consumer guides and has previously published a consumer guide on family law.  

Launching the guide, Jennifer Sinclair, Best Practice Adviser said:

“Family law continues to account for a significant proportion of the complaints we receive – maybe not surprising given the level of complexity of many cases and the high stakes for clients.

“Our best practice guides are about helping to ensure that we build a culture of learning from complaints to help practitioners to avoid the most common problems.

“We hope that solicitors will find this guide useful in avoiding some of the more common issues in family law such as communication, managing expectations and dealing with third parties.” 

In addition to issuing guidance, the SLCC supports best practice through its quarterly newsletter ‘CRM news’ and by offering training – both on dealing with complaints and complaint prevention - to the legal sector. 

For more information visit this page.

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