Unhappy with a decision?

If you disagree with the decision we've made about your complaint, you have a right of appeal to the Court of Session under Section 21 of the Legal Profession and Legal Aid (Scotland) Act 2007.  The sort of decision you may wish to appeal includes:

  • your complaint was rejected as not eligible for investigation;
  • your complaint was rejected because it was premature;
  • we refused to accept your complaint outside the specified time limit;
  • we upheld or did not uphold all or parts of a complaint;
  • you did not agree with the final determination (decision).

The grounds, or reasons, on which you can appeal, are:

  • you believe the SLCC's decision was based on an error of law;
  • you believe the SLCC did something wrong in the way we conducted a hearing on the complaint;
  • you believe that the SLCC acted irrationally in the way we exercised discretion in relation to the way a decision was taken; or
  • that the SLCC's decision was not supported by the facts.

If you wish to appeal you must not delay as an appeal must be made within 28 days of the SLCC's decision.  You may wish to seek legal advice about lodging an appeal as the SLCC is unable to provide you with advice on this. 

It would be helpful if you could contact us to let us know you have lodged, or intend to lodge, an appeal and who your legal advisors are. While the SLCC cannot change one of its decisions, we are keen to learn from our experience and your feedback is valuable.


Appeals leaflet

After you've lodged an appeal, you may have questions about what happens next.  For example, who should you contact for updates, what are the cost implications and what happens to ongoing investigations. 

This leaflet explains what you can expect after you have lodged an appeal and after a decision on your appeal has been reached. You can view this leaflet as a PDF or as a 'flipbook' below.  




PDF Appeals against SLCC decisions (628 KB)






We can provide information in accessible formats and in your language.

Please email us on enquiries@scottishlegalcomplaints.org.uk or call us on 0131 201 2130.