Why use mediation?


It’s free

There is no charge for the mediation service.

It’s fast

Mediation is often a much faster way of resolving complaints.  The formal investigation process can take months whereas mediation can take place in a matter of weeks, meaning both parties can move on with their lives.  

It's flexible

The mediation will take place in a venue which is convenient for both parties.  We can also organise mediation via skype or telephone conference.  

You're in control

With the help of the independent mediator we appoint, you are given the opportunity to explain your position and to negotiate a settlement that is acceptable to you.  You are the decision-maker and have control over the outcome - the settlement is not imposed on you.  

It works

The majority of mediations at the SLCC result in an agreement.  People who negotiate their own settlements often feel more empowered and pleased with the outcome than those who use a third-party decision-maker.