The SLCC may offer you the opportunity to resolve service complaints through mediation.  Mediation can be an effective way of dealing with your complaint, which keeps you in control.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a confidential process which gives you and the practitioner (also known as “the parties”) the opportunity to meet together with an independent third-party so you can both decide how to sort out the complaint. The third party - the mediator - helps you talk through the problem to see if you can agree a fair and reasonable solution.

Why use mediation?

It’s Free

There is no charge for the mediation service.

It’s Quick

The SLCC's formal investigation process can take up to a year (and occasionally longer) to conclude.  Mediation provides a more speedy way of resolving disputes than the formal investigation process, as mediation can take place in a matter of weeks.  This means an agreement is reached quickly, which gives both parties the chance to move on with their lives and complete any outstanding business.  While it is always preferable if you attend the mediation in person, we can organise mediation to take place via Skype or telephone conference.

You’re in Control

With the help of the SLCC appointed mediator, you are given the opportunity to explain why you are unhappy, what your complaint is and to negotiate a settlement that is acceptable to you.  You are the decision-maker and have control over the outcome; the settlement is not imposed on you. 

It’s Effective

Approximately, 4 out of 5 mediations result in an agreement. People who negotiate their own settlements often feel more empowered and pleased with the outcome than those who use a third-party decision maker.

We find that people who have reached their own agreement in mediation are also more likely to keep to what is agreed than those whose resolution has been imposed on them..

Who are the mediators?

We provide independent, experienced mediators from a variety of backgrounds. They must meet the standards required by the Scottish Mediation Network. Their role is to listen carefully and to assist the discussions. They are not there to take sides or to give advice. They won't make any judgements or decisions.


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