Investigation Examples


An investigator will investigate the complaint, making enquires appropriate to the issues. The approach is inquisitorial and aimed at resolution. If the complaint can be conciliated (settled) during the investigation then it is closed as resolved. If it cannot be conciliated and the investigation is completed, a report setting out the investigator's recommendations and proposed settlement (if appropriate) is sent to both parties. If both parties accept the report then the complaint is closed as resolved.

Case examples:

Case 1 - Summary. Complaint reasons: Alleged failure of solicitor to keep client updated and delay in undertaking work. Outcome: We found that the solicitor had cancelled a set meeting without informing the client and delayed in preparing the instructed work. Decision: The complaint was upheld. Compensation of £150 was awarded, along with payment of £65 in respect of actual loss to cover the expenses the client incurred travelling to the cancelled meeting. Read more.

Case 2 - Summary. Complaint reasons: Third party complaint alleging failure of solicitor to administer estate within appropriate timescales and to communicate effectively with the beneficiaries of the estate. Outcome: We considered there were shortcomings in the service provided. Decision: The complaint was upheld. The solicitors were instructed to reduce their fee by £267 (this reflected a 15% reduction in the solicitors' fee) and to pay £400 in compensation. Read more.

Case 3 - Summary: Mr C complained about the service Mr P and his Firm provided in relation to his separation. He complained about the way the Firm advised him on costs and subsequently charged him. He alleged they charged nearly double the verbal quote and that they did not tell him when the costs became higher than the limit he was able to pay, even though they had agreed to. Read more.

Case 4 - Summary: Ms C's insurers instructed a local firm to act on her behalf in relation to the claim for damages as a result of the alleged negligence of the construction company. Ms C complained to the SLCC that the Firm delayed for over six months in pursuing her claim and that they did not follow her instructions. She said that they failed to communicate with her properly or progress her case until she made a complaint to them. Read more.

Case 5 - Summary: Mr and Mrs C complained about the way Ms P and her Firm dealt with their house purchase. They were unhappy with her alleged failure to settle on the date they were expecting. Read more.