Media Articles

In addition to to the guidance we provide through this website, we also provide guidance to practitioners through a number of media channels.  Links to this content are collected below.

The Journal of the Law Society of Scotland

We provide regular articles for the Journal, recent articles include:

February 2017: One year rule becomes three:

November 2016: The "buzz" of mediation:

January 2016: Publishing anonymised SLCC decisions and a new support service for client relations managers:

August 2015: Changes to the SLCC's Rules to support the online complaint form:

March 2015: Additional opportunities for mediation in the complaints process:

January 2015: Changes to the Legal Aid and Legal Profession (Scotland) Act 2007 and the SLCC's Rules:

October 2014: Benefits and successes in mediation to resolve complaints:

August 2014: Steps legal aid practitioners can take to avoid complaints

June 2014: Assisting sole practitioners in dealing with complaints

April 2014: Recent issues around solicitors' terms of business

February 2014: Trends in conveyancing complaints

December 2013: Reflections on five years of the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission


Family Law Bulletin

In this article from the Issue 47 (Winter 2013) of Family Law Bulletin, our Head of Oversight looked at trends in family law complaints and how to prevent complaints:

PDFPrevention is the best cure PDF (2.32MB)


The Scotsman

February 2017: Changing Times