Guidance & Advice

We issue two distinct types of guidance:

  • Formal guidance – under section 40 of the Legal Profession and Legal Aid (Scotland) Act 2007) we have the power to issue guidance to the profession in relation to dealing with complaints.  Please be aware that - in the event of us looking into a complaint about you - we will ask you how you have applied this guidance and we will take that into account in our decision-making.  Not following the guidance could, therefore, result in a new complaint or a higher levy.  
  • General advice – we also regularly issue advice on a wider range of subjects which is designed to help the legal profession by sharing our knowledge of common complaints.  This includes advice on how to prevent complaints. We also publish information on our decisions and a quarterly newsletter, both of which you might find helpful.  

All practitioners, not just Client Relations Managers, should ensure that they are aware of the guidance and advice issued by both the SLCC and the relevant professional organisation when dealing with all expressions of dissatisfaction.

Client Relations Managers are expected to ensure that all practitioners within the firm are made aware of the SLCC's guidance and advice and keep them updated. 

We hope these pages will be of assistance to practitioners when dealing with complaints and taking steps to avoid situations which could result in complaints being made.