Complaint process

Complaints often start as an enquiry. We give support and guidance to the people and organisations who contact us.

We help them to complete a complaint form, give advice about our processes and policies and if we can't help them direct them to people or organisations who can.

When we receive a complaint form, we follow a structured process with five key steps:

Bullet   Eligibility
Bullet   Mediation
Bullet   Investigation
Bullet   Determination
Bullet   Appeals

The complaints process is explained in more detail in the PDF Overview of the process for dealing with service and conduct complaints (PDF 295 KB). Please also refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Click on the Eligibility link below to see what happens to a complaint when we first receive it.

We can provide information in accessible formats and in your language.

Please email us on or call us on 0131 201 2130.