One of the main responsibilities of our Oversight Team is to oversee how the professional bodies deal with conduct complaints. This includes investigating complaints about how the bodies have handled individual complaints and auditing the complaint records. Another is to monitor trends in complaints and, using that data, issue guidance and best practice notes to the profession on how to deal with complaints and how to prevent common issues from arising in the first place.

We also have additional responsibility to monitor the arrangements that are in place relating to the Scottish Solicitors’ Guarantee Fund and also the indemnity insurance arrangements for solicitors.

We liaise with SLCC’s external stakeholders, contribute to external consultation exercises and undertake an annual cycle of outreach work which includes external presentations to groups of practitioners and those entering the legal profession. The team also monitors non-compliance on the part of practitioners’ observance of SLCC determinations, and reports instances of non-compliance to the professional bodies to consider as potential unsatisfactory professional conduct or, in serious cases, potential misconduct.      

In more general terms, we are also responsible for internal and external communications.

It is not essential for our people to come from a legal background. It can be an advantage when dealing with Handling complaints but, for people coming to us from a different background, on the job training will be given, and we look for a wide range of experience from various backgrounds.

Skills that would be key to our Oversight Team are:

Analytical thinking
The ability to consider ‘the bigger picture’ and interpret how what happens within the wider industry can affect SLCC
Good communication skills and the ability to tailor this depending on the audience
The ability to build relationships with external parties
The ability to promote guidance produced by Oversight

If you think you possess the key skills and would be interested in joining our Oversight Team, please see our current vacancies for all opportunities within SLCC.