Our Clerking Team is responsible for the last stage of the process and for assisting the Board members in making decisions effectively.

The main area of work that the Clerking Team handles is the determination stage of the complaints process.   It is the role of the Clerking Team to set up Determination Committees, organise the paperwork and ensure that there is effective decision making by the Board Members.  The Clerking Team issues the final decisions to the parties.   

To be a Clerk, a legal background is essential.

As well as this, skills that would be key to the role of Clerk are: 

The ability to challenge Board members in a diplomatic manner
Analytical thinking and the ability to present a position clearly
Proportionality (i.e. deciding which cases need to go into more detail, and which ones do not need as much)
The ability to tailor communication depending on the audience
Time and caseload management
Confidence in own decisions and in identifying gaps in the process

 If you think you possess the key skills and would be interested in joining The Clerking Team, please see our current vacancies for all opportunities within the SLCC.

What do some of current clerking staff say about working at the SLCC?

Tracey, Clerk 

I have worked at the SLCC for two years now. I work in the clerking team, running a portfolio of cases which are to be considered and decided by the SLCC’s Determination Committees. No two cases are the same; they can range from the straightforward to the complicated. Even the seemingly straightforward can often be more complex than you first think! It’s a challenging role, as clerks are required to look at each case in detail, assessing the evidence and providing a fresh pair of eyes.  The job requires an open mind, an inquiring disposition and a capacity for sifting through detail to determine what is relevant.

When I first arrived I was struck my how friendly and supportive the workplace was, and this has continued throughout my time here. I value the support and friendship of the team and wider colleagues. Dealing with complaints on a full time basis can be hard work, but the SLCC does a good job of trying to ensure that work can still be fun with lots of charity and sporting events together with a large supply of cake. The terms and conditions, including flexi time, pensions and annual leave also contribute to making the SLCC an attractive place to work.