Our People

We pride ourselves on the professionalism and expertise of our people, who help to ensure that your complaint is given the most appropriate attention. Added to this, our structured and proven processes result in clarity, speed of resolution and fairness.

Combined, our people and processes:

Bullet   encourage and support early resolution;
Bullet   are independent, impartial and accessible;
Bullet   provide expert and appropriate advice;
Bullet   provide appropriate information to enable informed decisions;
Bullet   are developed to support complaint handling that is effective, fair and practical;
Bullet   develop and maintain strong working relationships and regular contact with outside bodies. Communication is open and beneficial to all - the SLCC, The Law Society of Scotland, The Faculty of Advocates, the Scottish Government, consumer groups, legal practitioners and other stakeholders;
Bullet   offer and provide assistance on best practice in complaints handling; 
Bullet   foster an open exchange of information and ideas and provide regular opportunities for feedback on the work of the SLCC.


With clear personal and organisational goals, competitive terms and conditions and regular feedback, we recruit and retain excellent people. Working on your behalf to handle complaints fairly, quickly and amicably, our people are committed, well trained and continuously developed, and are excellent communicators. Their individual strengths and combined experience means that together, they make a great team.