This section contains various documents on the governance of the SLCC. To read or print the full version of each document, you will need a PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader. If you do not have Adobe Reader, it is available free for a range of operating systems from the Adobe web site.

Our Governance Arrangements:

PDF SLCC Governance Arrangements (PDF, 300 KB)

Board Standing Orders:

PDF Board Standing Orders (PDF, 112 KB)

Our Member Code of Conduct:

PDF SLCC Member Code of Conduct (PDF, 263 KB)

Our Staff Code of Conduct:

PDF SLCC Staff Code of Conduct (PDF, 108 KB)

Members Expenses Payment Policy:

PDF Members Expenses Payment Policy (PDF, 100 KB)

Risk Management Policy:

PDF Risk Management Policy (PDF, 169 KB)

Our Scheme of Delegation:

PDF SLCC Scheme of Delegation (PDF, 247 KB)