Consumer Panel Publications

Demographics Yearbook 2016-17

Something the SLCC Consumer Panel is interested in is: who are the people who use the SLCC's services?  For example, what is the gender breakdown of complainers? Are there more people from some ethnic groups than others making complaints?  Does socio-economic group have an impact on whether people are using SLCC services?

Each year, the Panel analyses the demographics information collected by the SLCC on complaint forms to help understand what may be creating barriers.  This enables the Consumer Panel to work with the SLCC to ensure its services are accessible to everyone.  

You can view the Demographics Yearbook 2016-17 as a downloadable PDF or as a 'flipbook' below.   

PDF Demographics Yearbook 2016-17 (313 KB)




PDFConsumer Principles Leaflet (802 KB)

The SLCC Consumer Panel has set out its vision for how the internationally recognised consumer principles should apply to Scottish legal consumers.  



PDF Demographics Yearbook 2015-16 (PDF 485 KB)