About the Consumer Panel

Why is it needed?

The SLCC is an independent and impartial body.  It engages regularly with the Law Society of Scotland and the Faculty of Advocates who both represent and regulate the profession.  The SLCC also has to consult with these organisations when making changes to its rules.  The Consumer Panel is there to be a representative voice on behalf of consumers.

The SLCC worked with the Scottish Government to amend the legislation that set it up, the 2007 Act, to create the Consumer Panel. This ensures it will be a permanent part of what the SLCC does.

Who are the Panel members?

The panel must include at least two members from organisations representing the interests of consumers and at least one member from an organisation promoting equality.  The panel can have up to 8 members.  We invite organisations to have a member on the panel – their choice of individual representative is up to them.

The following organisations are currently represented on our Consumer Panel:

  • Citizens Advice Scotland
  • Competition and Markets Authority
  • Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance
  • QMU Consumer Dispute Resolution Centre
  • Scottish Womens Aid

More information on the Consumer Panel is available in the Consumer Panel’s Terms of Reference.

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