Consumer Panel

What is the Consumer Panel?

The SLCC Consumer Panel is an independent advisory panel, set up to assist us in understanding and taking account of the interests of consumers of legal services.  This includes giving us feedback, from a consumer viewpoint, on the effectiveness of our policies and procedures.

This can include:

  • Making recommendations on how we can improve our policies and processes
  • Suggesting topics for research connected to legal consumers
  • Expressing a view on matters relating to the SLCC’s functions such as consultations

Why is it needed?

We are an independent and impartial body.  We engage regularly with the Law Society of Scotland and the Faculty of Advocates who both represent and regulate the profession.  We also have to consult with these organisations when we make changes to our rules.  The Consumer Panel is there to be a representative voice on behalf of consumers.

We worked with the Scottish Government to amend the legislation that set us up, the 2007 Act, to create the Consumer Panel. This ensures it will be a permanent part of what we do.

Who are the Panel members?

The panel must include at least two members from organisations representing the interests of consumers and at least one member from an organisation promoting equality.  The panel can have up to 8 members.  We invite organisations to have a member on the panel – their choice of individual representative is up to them.

The following organisations are currently represented on our Consumer Panel:

  • Citizens Advice Scotland
  • Competition and Markets Authority
  • Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance
  • QMU Consumer Dispute Resolution Centre

More information on the Consumer Panel is available in the Consumer Panel’s Terms of Reference.

Consumer Panel Minutes

PDF SLCC Consumer Panel Minute - February 2016 (PDF 238 KB)


PDF SLCC Consumer Panel Minute - March 2015 (PDF 231 KB)

PDF SLCC Consumer Panel Minute - May 2015 (PDF 222 KB)

PDF SLCC Consumer Panel Minute - September 2015 (PDF 82 KB)

PDF SLCC Consumer Panel Minute - November 2015 (PDF 92 KB)


Other Consumer Panel information


PDFConsumer Principles Leaflet 802 KB

The SLCC Consumer Panel has set out its vision for how the internationally recognised consumer principles should apply to Scottish legal consumers.  



PDF Demographics Yearbook 2015-16 (PDF 485 KB)

PDF Gift and Hospitality Register (PDF 105 KB)

PDF Register of Interests (PDF 279 KB)

PDF Response to SLCC Strategy Consultation (123 KB) (more information available on this page)

PDF Response to Licensed Providers Regulatory Regime Consultation (PDF 273 KB)