Consumer Panel

About the Consumer Panel

The SLCC Consumer Panel is an independent advisory panel, set up to assist the SLCC in understanding and taking account of the interests of consumers of legal services.  This includes providing feedback to the SLCC, from a consumer viewpoint, on the effectiveness of policies and procedures.

This can include:

  • Making recommendations on how the SLCC can improve policies and processes
  • Suggesting topics for research connected to legal consumers
  • Expressing a view on matters relating to the SLCC’s functions such as consultations

You can find out more about the Consumer Panel here including why it's needed and which organisations are represented on it. 

Consumer Principles

This publication is designed to help those involved in regulation - and legal professionals - to think about the consumer interest in a structured way.  Ensuring that the consumer interest is taken into account can be complex and often involves judgement calls and a balancing of objectives.  Consequently, this document does not provide definitive advice on applying the consumer principles, nor does it have all the answers.  

Instead, it poses a series of questions designed to prompt consideration of whether there is a consumer-focused culture at the heart of regulation.  It has been informed by the views of both consumer groups and representatives of the legal sector.  

You can view this either as a 'flipbook' or as a downloadable PDF below.  

PDF Consumer Principles publication for legal professionals and regulators (1,837 KB PDF)

Demographics Yearbook 2016-17

Something the SLCC Consumer Panel is interested in is: who are the people who use the SLCC's services?  For example, what is the gender breakdown of complainers? Are there more people from some ethnic groups than others making complaints?  Does socio-economic group have an impact on whether people are using SLCC services?

Each year, the Panel analyses the demographics information collected by the SLCC on complaint forms to help understand what may be creating barriers.  This enables the Consumer Panel to work with the SLCC to ensure its services are accessible to everyone.  

You can view the Demographics Yearbook 2016-17 as a downloadable PDF or as a 'flipbook' below.   

PDFDemographics Yearbook 2016-17 (313 KB)