SLCC Policies

Complaint Handling

This manual is an internal document that sets out the policies and procedures our staff will usually follow in dealing with complaints made to us about legal practitioners. However, all cases will be dealt with on their individual merits. This manual is not legally binding and does not have the same status as our Rules.

PDF Policy and Procedure Manual for the SLCC Complaints Process (PDF, 846 KB)


Complaints Levy

This document sets out the SLCC’s policy on applying the Complaints Levy, as provided for in the Legal Profession and Legal Aid (Scotland) Act 2007 and sections 28 and 29 of the SLCC Rules.

PDF Complaints Levy POLICY (from 01 October 2018) (PDF, 232KB)


Oral hearings policy

This document sets out the policy and process that should be followed when a request is received for an oral hearing, or where at its own instance a Determination Committee considers that an oral hearing is appropriate.

PDF Oral hearings policy (PDF, 270KB)


Compliments and complaints policy

This document sets out the policy and process for dealing with complaints about compliments about the SLCC's service and staff.  

Document retention and destruction

This policy supplements the SLCC records management plan by detailing the retention schedules for all data produced by the SLCC, and providing guidelines on how information in both hard (paper) and soft (electronic) forms should be retained and eventually destroyed.  This policy covers records in all formats, created in the course of Scottish Legal Complaints Commission’s business, including records received in the course of an investigation belonging to third parties.