Our status

Our status

The introduction of the Legal Profession and Legal Aid (Scotland) Act 2007 created the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission or SLCC and we opened for business on 1 October 2008. We provide a single gateway for complaints against legal practitioners operating in Scotland and aim to resolve complaints quickly and effectively.

We are a neutral body and operate independently of the legal profession. We have a legal status but are not a servant or agent of the Crown nor do we have any status, immunity or privilege of the Crown. We are also independent of Government.

The SLCC is a hybrid organisation with public and private attributes. In common with public bodies, we are subject to freedom of information, standards in public life and The Human Rights Act 1998. Our private attributes mean that we are responsible for our own finances, set our annual budget and are not funded by the public. Our funding comes from the legal profession in Scotland through a levy and this is collected by the Law Society of Scotland, the Faculty of Advocates and the Association of Commercial Attorneys. The levy for Conveyancing & Executry Practitioners is collected by the Law Society of Scotland.

The Board of the SLCC is appointed by Scottish Ministers in consultation with the Lord President of the Court of Session.

We are fair, independendent and our services are for everyone.