Reimagine Regulation

The current arrangements for legal complaints, and how complaint outcomes are used to improve standards in the legal sector, are too complex, involve too many stages, and pass through too many organisations.  Faster, more efficient, and better targeted regulation can be delivered, to the benefit of consumers and the sector, by significant legislative reform.

Following our original proposals for reform, detailed below, an independent review of the regulation of legal services has been established, and at the start of 2018 published a ‘call for evidence’.  We are now responding to that call, submitting a model for reform that summarises and consolidates two years of reflection and engagement since the publication of our original papers.  A two page summary sets the agenda for change, with appendices providing a little more detail, in particular on issues that have arisen since our original papers.

PDF Reimagine Regulation – a roadmap for improvement (PDF, 361KB)

PDF Reimagine Regulation - appendices to our roadmap (PDF, 364KB)

Our original papers remain relevant, detailing much of the parliamentary history and debate which bought us to the current model, and setting out evidence and best practice relating to improvements we could make to the system.  More details of all our work to date are provided below.

Details of the review are available on the Scottish Government website:

Our original legislative change paper.

Get involved

If you are interested in this area and wish to assist the debate then you can:

  • publish an article discussing our ideas
  • invite us to come to speak to you, or ask to visit us, or for us to send further information
  • Contact your MSP or your professional body
  • blog or tweet - copy us in@slcccomplaints and use the hashtag #ReimagineRegulation
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